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What to expect when expecting…for gamers soon to be parents

Gamers who are soon to be parents, have no fear. There is nothing more mariokidimportant in life as being good role models to your childeren.  You will need to balance play and family time, which could go hand in hand.  There ar just a few guidelines that should be followed…READ ARTICLE


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Great tips from CNBC- Dollar Dilemmas- Top video games this Holiday and some of the worst

Very cool CNBC video to help folks who are looking for that 1 game this holiday for the Wii and other consoles



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Gaming Addiction- Can be blamed on Parents and Society

The founder of Europes only gaming clinic has changed its focus on the way the treat video game addicts not for an addiction, but for societal problemswiigaming.

Families need to start taking a break from video games, Internet, and television and get their kids back to nature.  Gettingkids active, especially at a young age will help fight fat and obesity. You can start as early as preschoolers and all the way to teens. 

We as parents need to set an example and get our kids involved outside the home.  Many families will have an excuse that their too busy.  Everyone I know has days off, well take advantage and do something outdoors with your family.  A little goes a long way. 

Take that time to get to know your kids better. They’ll thank you later.


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