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It’s Christmas Eve and your’ll still looking for that one game for the Wii

EW: Best of 2008ewlogo-560x154

1. Wii Fit

2. RockBand 2

3. Madden NFL 2009: All Play

4.  Lego Indiana Jones


Heather: Mario Kart Wii
– My expectations of the Wii are not too high and I mainly associate it with a more convenient way to be nostalgic of my childhood. Mario Kart had all the elements of the classic games as well as new content that kept me busy and entertained for quite awhile.
Janessa: Wii Fit – I know people say it doesn-t work, but hey it motivates me to play games that burn calories, who can complain about that?
Jess: Super Smash Bros Brawl – Gah, I love this game so much. Beating people up as Pikachu and Marth never gets old.
Ladyluck: Mario Kart for sure. Who doesn-t love racing Mario style. . . gotta run, blue shells coming.
Nikole: Mario Kart Wii – This has been the only game this whole year that has remotely compelled me to the play with the Wii. Not a good year at all for Xcore games and Nintendo.
Raychul: Animal Crossing – I love a lot of this years Wii game releases, but nothing has really held my attention like Animal Crossing: City Folk. Is it just more of the same? Yes, but I am loving it either way.
Rini: Okami – I fell in love with the art for this game immediately. It keeps you busy, but keeps you interested. It’s got an open screen, and it feels like you’re in a huge world. Very fun, very pretty, and very good combat play. Overall the game is just great.


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Great tips from CNBC- Dollar Dilemmas- Top video games this Holiday and some of the worst

Very cool CNBC video to help folks who are looking for that 1 game this holiday for the Wii and other consoles



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Beware who you Wii Speak too

wiispeak_01The Wii Speak is one of the new peripheral that sits on top of your television with the Wii Sensor Bar, and allows online voice chat in games such as the recently unveiled Animal Crossing: City Folk.

The device captures audio from the room where it is placed and plugs into one of the Wii’s USB slots. It’ll retail separately from Animal Crossing, for $29.99.
But beware of fine print.

wiispeak_02The device requires you to get a 16-character code. The code must be downloaded in order for you to get the “Wii Speak” channel. You’re like, “so what”. Well this is a one time download, which means DON’T LOSE IT, because it can’t be replaced. Along w/ worry about not losing the code how about you won’t be able to use this new device on another Wii system. You won’t be able to sell it, even better yet, you won’t be able to even give it away.

Come on, Nintendo what gives!

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