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Should the Wii offer Mature (M-Rated and above) titles


 I’m not going to tell you what not to purchase for you and your family. is only here to provide a little guidance to you on making the right decisions when purchasing Wii titles.  But one title you won’t see played on our Wii is any of the GTA (Grand Theft Auto)series.  Now with the soon to be released GTA – Chinatown Wars, I’m glad that we’ve made the right decision.   The new GTA game will push the Mature rating and game development envelope for the Wii platformgtacs_drugmini


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Fitness while gaming- GameRox brings that benefit to your family


Read more on this innovative chair

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Music-based games inspire many childeren to pickup the real instruments.

Children are becoming inspired to learn real musical instruments after playing music-based games such as Wii Music, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band, claims a new study. wii-music-goodies-8

The new report by the UK’s largest music charity Youth Music states that these games are having a dramatic effect on children taking up a instrument for the first time.
The research found that 19 per cent of young people said they now play an instrument because they were inspired to do so after playing a music-based console game.
Of the 12 million young people in the UK, aged between three and 18, more than half play music games on video game consoles.

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Top 10 pitfalls non-gamer parent need to avoid before buying this holiday

Being a first time Wii Parent this Holiday season, I’ve had the hardest time selecting games for my family. This is one of the reason was created.   Here are some of the things I’ve learned.

10. Don’t give in to what they want. 

Kids will beg and plead for the latest and greatest game, but you as a parent need to be the ultimate judge on what’s right for your family.  Educate yourself.cryingkid

9. Not test driving the games.

If possible go out and try these games. Find some friends or go to the video game store.  You’ll soon find out that the Wii Fit is for you and your just not that musicaly inclined for the Wii Music.

8. Don’t buy the mini-game compliations

Save your money and buy some good ol’ board games that your family can enjoy. Bring back Monopoly or….UNO!

7.  Read the fine print

Keep an eye out for certain developers, particularly these four: Atari, Majesco, Midway or Gamecock.  They’ve made fun titles in the past, but they’ve been bombarding the market with horrible titles for the last several years.

6. Beware of the Nintendo Seal

Its not for Quality any more.  The Nintendo Seal of Quality is still used, with all Nintendo DS and Wii games original_nintendo_seal_of_quality_28european29_28custom29bearing it on their packaging. However, it has recently been changed to read “Official Nintendo Seal” rather than “Official Nintendo Seal of Quality”.  There are talks out there to brining back the original seal, which stood for something.

5. Avoid games with bad grammar.

Steer clear of any videogame that pluralizes its title with a “z” instead of an “s.” These typically have been poor quality games.  Don’t waste your time.

4. Avoid game titles with the word Family

This is just a marketing ploy to get you to buy the game. mini-games

3. Avoid certain under $20 or $10 titles.

You get what you pay for.  Cheaper isn’t always better.


They lie!!!!!  They’re just trying to make a sale.  Use your resources (Friends, Family, &

1. Do not disregard the ESRB

 The most important pitfall to avoid by families is not keeping a close eye on ESRB ratings (or PEGI- Europe’s version of the ESRB. They too are urging parents to always check the video game rating (Press Release from ELSPA)).

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What to expect when expecting…for gamers soon to be parents

Gamers who are soon to be parents, have no fear. There is nothing more mariokidimportant in life as being good role models to your childeren.  You will need to balance play and family time, which could go hand in hand.  There ar just a few guidelines that should be followed…READ ARTICLE

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Gaming Addiction- Can be blamed on Parents and Society

The founder of Europes only gaming clinic has changed its focus on the way the treat video game addicts not for an addiction, but for societal problemswiigaming.

Families need to start taking a break from video games, Internet, and television and get their kids back to nature.  Gettingkids active, especially at a young age will help fight fat and obesity. You can start as early as preschoolers and all the way to teens. 

We as parents need to set an example and get our kids involved outside the home.  Many families will have an excuse that their too busy.  Everyone I know has days off, well take advantage and do something outdoors with your family.  A little goes a long way. 

Take that time to get to know your kids better. They’ll thank you later.


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